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Dave Leggett | 30 September 2009

Someone overtook me in an urban area the other day - in a 30mph zone. I was perhaps nudging 35. Although the road was in a residential area, I figured I was safe to be slightly over the 30, not that I am condoning breaking the law. All roads have a kind of natural speed limit and this was one where 30 was a bit tight.

But the person who overtook me - obviously transporting a woman giving birth or having just learned that his house was on fire - was doing more like 50mph and well and truly crossing the line into reckless behaviour. And, of course, it was a guy without a care in the world kindly letting the whole neighbourhood in on his musical taste (strangely enough, not Mozart but something that I would imagine the CIA might recommend in its 'enhanced interrogation techniques for beginners' manual).

Now then, as is common in such situations, I caught the fellow up at the next set of traffic lights. Once upon a time I might have resorted to a firm stare at the rogue or even, in extremis, a hand gesture to communicate my displeasure at his actions. I tend not to risk inviting a disproportionate response these days.

I came across an 'innovation' recently that allows you to customise an LED-based image or message in your wheel hub. The clip on YouTube is a hoot and it is amazing what people will come up with. It makes you think. I could just drive past the reckless one with a message in the relevant wheel that says simply 'UR a tool'. Of course, to do that so he saw it, I'd have to overtake him, so maybe I would be best to leave it. And it is probably best for one's overall state of mind and blood pressure not to get riled by such things.

Maybe I could put something more positive in the wheel hub - 'Nice day, isn't it?' Or weirdly comical - 'I'm not normal'; 'back off - swine flu'; 'Jesus loves U, but I don't'. The possibilities are endless and maybe advertisers and social networkers could be very interested. Could be yet another distraction for drivers though, if it really took off. Will it just be a bling niche product?  



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