Blog: Dave LeggettSUVs, mass and safety

Dave Leggett | 15 October 2003

A British TV motoring programme (Fifth Gear) this week recreated a motorway pile-up by crashing some cars into the rear of some more backed up and stationary cars. It's the kind of thing we don't really want to dwell on. Not pretty. And they didn't even involve freight trucks or coaches. One thing was predictably clear though. Vehicle mass is very important in these circumstances. A Fiat Punto was crushed like a milk carton and an old Mercedes W124 appeared, by contrast, to be virtually indestructable. If you drive a big, heavy SUV, you'll obviously improve your chances of survival in many accident siuations. But what about the other poor unfortunates you crash into? Mazda MX-5 meets Ford Excursion in a head-on and you can imagine the consequences. This one will run and run and I know SUVs have their voiciferous supporters, but where should lines be drawn on what is acceptable and what is not? Interesting posting in this discussion forum thread..


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