Blog: Dave LeggettSurreal Mini ads

Dave Leggett | 3 January 2004

'It's a Mini adventure.' Hats off to Mini's advertising agency in the UK for originality. There are a couple of Mini ads running on TV channels and at cinemas in Britain that are pretty out there as far as car commercials go. Some would say shocking or weird. I find them a little surreal and amusing. Take a middle aged couple driving along in a Mini on a remote rural road. They're on some sort of mission but we don't know what. And they're butt naked. Another middle aged man, also naked and carrying a briefcase is walking alongside the road (we get a rear view of him walking). 'There's one dear.' The Mini slows up next to the pedestrian. What happens next? Well, here's a clue: one of the ads is titled 'warning - frying pan' and the other is 'warning - fish'. They're pretty well executed and Mini is breaking new ground on car commercials that's for sure. They're a Pythonesque laugh, although I wonder how the reactions will ultimately pan out.

If you have broadband you can watch the ads on the web by clicking on the below link and navigating through the mini website: fun and adventures>mini on film>mini ads>cinema ads 2003/4.


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