Blog: Dave LeggettSupplier sector restructuring coming

Dave Leggett | 3 March 2009

Who'd be an automotive industry supplier (especially in North America)? There are of course many successful companies who survive and thrive in spite of everything, but there will be plenty of vulnerable businesses looking around nervously at the health of their customers and at cashflow projections right now.

Magna  - a daddy in the supplier world - reckons that up to 30% of suppliers in North America could go under when the grief hitting the OEMs is transferred to them in the form of business that is simply gone or available at a new and much lower price. And Magna also reckons it's in a position to do everyone a favour and hoover up the wreckage for an orderly bout of restructuring that doesn't disrupt the industry too much.

Nice guys. I'm imagining Magna's Don Walker, 'The Don', talking about 'orderly restructuring' with a throaty Brando voice - see Golding's use of the word 'chilling' in his piece, below link. One just hopes they don't go in for too much dancing on the graves of those less fortunate...

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