Blog: Dave LeggettSupermini, city car differentiation

Dave Leggett | 22 April 2003

It is being reported that Ford is interested in producing a sub-Ka city car, perhaps in collaboration with another automaker. Interesting idea, but Ford should tread carefully if VW's Lupo experience is anything to go by. However, the problem with the Ka has always been Fiesta sales cannibalisation (it is built on a previous generation Fiesta platform). Aiming the Ka at funky young urbanites is one thing, but the customer overlap with Fiesta has always been too big for comfort simply because of the Ka's dimensions and its market perception. A smaller product would seemingly obviate that problem and making it with another maker would keep cost down. Tricky one to get right though. The baby car market seems quite fickle as well as small. Interesting that VW is moving nearer to the Ford situation with Polo platform based Project 249. Hope Ford isn't jumping the wrong way at the wrong time. Baby and bathwater. Ka was a great car for Ford in Europe at a time when Fiesta looked very tired. Some of the cannibalisation needs to be seen in that context. Without Ka positioned relatively close to Fiesta, Ford in Europe would have really been tanking in small cars in Europe in the late 1990s.


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