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Dave Leggett | 21 November 2003

Met up with Mr Bursa yesterday evening as per the last Blog entry. He picked me up from Walton-on-Thames railway station in a dual fuel gasoline/LPG Rover Streetwise (that's a jacked-up 25 with extra bumper plastic to give a chunkier look) that MG Rover have given him to test. Poor chap managed to get a puncture earlier this week only to find that the unusual fuel arrangements meant there was no room to carry a spare. He also had quite a bit of fun getting the car up the kerb and off the highway. 

Walton-on-Thames is a pleasant enough place though. We found a decent pub to chat in although the atmosphere seemed a bit manic - England world cup rugby fever was competing with a French beaujolais nouveau thing that was going on (people in stripy tops wearing berets). We stuck to beer and a rather fine curry in a completely empty Indian restaurant across the road. Liked Mark's no-nonsense ordering style at the curry house: 'just bring us some food please - one chicken, one lamb, couple of veggie dishes, keema nan and some popadoms. Okay Dave?' Sorted.

We both agreed that while the 25-based Streetwise smacks a little of desperation in the abscence of genuinely new product, you have to give MG Rover full marks for effort.


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