Blog: Dave Leggett'Straddling bus'

Dave Leggett | 27 August 2010

Just when you think you have pretty much seen and heard everything on the problems of and solutions to chronic road congestion in urban areas...

There's something called the 'straddling bus' concept in China that is apparently being seriously proposed over there.

It looks like a cross between a RoRo ferry, catamaran, tram and a bendy bus on steroids. The promotional video is well worth a look. Is it serious? They do have appalling traffic congestion in Chinese cities - vehicle parc growing all the time with 10% pa GDP growth and a humungous auto industry now present - and air pollution is something they are very concerned about.

Maybe it could work on selective busy dual carriageways, no turning for cars. Can't quite see it on the Euston Road.

Would you drive under one? Watch the video and try and keep a straight face. 


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