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Dave Leggett | 6 July 2006

It would be nice if market data was reported by national trade associations in a clear and timely fashion. The picture around the world is actually quite mixed with some countries well organised and others less so. You have to cut some people slack, I know. But I saw a press release the other day that really had me scratching my head in terms of its dense and difficult to read style. The culprit is South Africa's Naamsa.

All I was looking for was the basic market data - how was the vehicle market in June, what's driving the market, how does the cumulative data look, what's the immediate outlook, is there some official comment...

It is in there, but take a look for yourself at the painful style of the release (below link). I'm sorry, but I'm not cutting them slack because I believe the English language is in wide usage down there. The opening sentence ('In amplification..') is about as cumbersome as I have ever seen.   

Naamsa market data statement


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