Blog: Dave Leggett'Star' in a chocolate bar

Dave Leggett | 26 November 2003

Graeme's out at the Mitsubishi Outlander UK journalists' launch today, so I've got the job of trawling press releases this morning for news. As per usual, it's a mixed bag out there. But there's one that caught my eye - though I'm not sure it caught my eye for the right reasons. Nissan has put Lionel Blair (a British dance choreographer who's been around for eons and is a bit of a luvvy B-list celeb) in a Nissan Almera - he's on the UK tour of the theatrical production of the Rocky Horror Show. There's a cockney rhyming slang connection with Lionel Blair's name. Read the press release below for yourself. I won't publish the horrible pic that comes with it (beaming Lionel showing off his flared trousers in front of an Almera). Someone at Nissan clearly enjoyed themselves with this copy. 'Blair Sings Astaire'? - I'll give that one a wide berth I think:  

"Lionel Blair is driving a Nissan Almera with his name on it for the duration of the new production of the Rocky Horror show. Lionel’s Almera is the new Flare special edition. And in case you don’t get the connection, Lionel Blair is Cockney rhyming slang for flares.

This latest tour celebrates the Rocky Horror show’s 30th birthday with Lionel Blair playing the part of narrator. The chocolate bar (car) is being used by Lionel to travel to various theatres around the country, including Bradford, Glasgow, Stoke-on-Trent and Milton Keynes. Once the tour has finished he’ll continue to use the Lionel Blair (Flare) while promoting his new album "Blair Sings Astaire", released last month.

What puts the Lionel Blair into this Almera? Equipment, and lots of it: electronic air conditioning, a CD player, anti-lock brakes, electric Tommy Trinders (‘winders’), active front headrests, side airbags, steering wheel mounted audio controls, 16" alloy Ian Beales (wheels), front fog lamps, a leather steering wheel, and a wide-bottomed body styling kit are all standard. And for less Russell Crowe (dough) than you might imagine. Prices start at £11,250.

There are six versions in production, with three or five Roger Moores (doors) and with three choices of Haddock and Bloater (motor). These include a 1.5, a 1.8 and Lionel’s favourite the 112PS 2.2 dCi which, due to an average fuel consumption of 47.9 mpg, saves on the Abergavennys (pennies)."


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