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Dave Leggett | 2 January 2008

I see there are a few changes over at SsangYong UK, distributor of SsangYong vehicles in Britain. The firm has changed ownership and Paul Williams has emerged as head of the UK division of the firm, Koelliker, that now controls UK distribution of SsangYongs. Williams was previously in charge of European distribution of Landwinds (he wasn't there long) and before that had a long stint at Kia UK. I'll try and get an interview with him. 

SsangYong has clearly not being doing at all well sales-wise as a brand in Britain. The oversized Rodius MPV is possibly one of the most bizarre looking cars ever made, but the two SUVs - especially the smaller one - make a better proposition. Taking over a brand at rock bottom brings to mind that old ditty: the only way is up!  

SsangYong is owned by China's SAIC which has just merged with Nanjing Auto. The Chinese owners of the MG brand may well be watching SsangYong's new UK distributor quite closely. 

UK: SsangYong changes hands


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