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Dave Leggett | 19 May 2005

I'm up to London today for a SsangYong press conference about its curiously styled Rodius MPV. Maybe the car will look better in the flesh than in some of the pictures I've seen. Looks like Rodius is an important plank of the company's strategy to raise exports. SsangYong is certainly one to keep an eye on given the SAIC connection. Under Daewoo Motor's stewardship, SsangYong didn't get a great deal of investment and it languished in limbo for quite some time before SAIC came in for it (I'm surprised DaimlerChrysler didn't pick up the company from receivers a few years ago - Mercedes licensed some engine production for SsangYong in Korea and knew the company well...), but the Musso 4x4 was not a bad proposition on cost and package grounds (used Mercedes engines). Ken Greenley (Royal College of Art - responsible for Rodius design) did that one also. He's at the press thingy today. 

Ssangyong's expansion plans


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