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Dave Leggett | 27 April 2005

The SsangYong Rodius MPV is making it out to export markets now, following launch last year on the Korean market. It is attracting fairly widespread mirth and mickey-taking from Western trade media on account of its slightly ungainly appearance. I have to agree that it does look a little bit like one of those Chinese 'mix and don't quite match' jobs (you know the sort of thing - take a Mercedes C-class rear and bolt it onto a Daewoo minivan front-end and hey presto! - sell dirt-cheap in China only). Well, some will say, the firm is Chinese-owned now (once owned by Daewoo, now belongs to SAIC).

Actually, SsangYong's Rexton 4x4 doesn't look all that bad, so I'm a bit surprised Rodius looks the way it does. And there is apparently some serious pedigree on the design side. The Rodius has been designed by Ken Greenley, former head of the automotive design course at the Royal College of Art in London. This from the press release announcing its pending British arrival: "Instead of adopting the normal MPV monospace shape, the Rodius comes with a strong emotional component that will make it a focus of attention wherever it goes." Well, yes, it certainly is different to the monospace MPV pack.

I should be able to hear more on the design thinking on 19th May when Greenley is giving a presentation on the Rodius to UK media in London. Again, SsangYong is being a little different in approach with that particular event. It takes place at a studio at the not exactly easy to get to BBC Television Centre in White City, west London. It's a bitch of a place to get to actually - right on the outer edge of London's congested and sprawling western inner suburbs (lovely, lovely Hammersmith). 

The Ssangyong people have all the bases covered though, in terms of travel options and directions. They have even, most helpfully, included bus route information on the invitation. Are they having a laugh?

Here's one example from the current Rodius mickey-taking fest from the lads at autoblog (they have a good blog on automotive product and I have noticed that they tend not to pull their punches):



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