Blog: Dave LeggettSpring sprung, April beckons

Dave Leggett | 30 March 2011

How quickly the months fly by. We have had a pretty decent taste of spring this month.

For example, if you read Graeme's regular Friday news review missive, you'll know that last Friday was our staff AGM and (delayed) Christmas curry. That, I must say, was an agreeable afternoon and evening in a sunny spring-is-sprung Worcester (a small city on the western outskirts of the English West Midlands near our office base).

And now the month that began with the Geneva Show and ends with Britain officially on British Summer Time, BBQs optimistically pulled out of hibernation and lawns across the nation getting that first cut, is almost over. April 1st and fools day fun beckons.

But before we call time on the merry old month of March, our special membership offer is still there if you are not already a just-auto member. There, that wasn't too laboured a link was it?

just-auto membership special offer







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