Blog: Dave LeggettSpring issue of Lotus Engineering's proActive

Dave Leggett | 14 April 2014

The latest issue of Lotus Engineering's proActive is out. I have just been flicking through and there's plenty of interest. Included this time is a look at the development of the Jaguar X-C75. Lotus played a significant part in its development. What a vehicle...

There's a nice piece from Ian Adcock looking at the state of 3D printing. Is it the Next Big Thing or not?

Also, I interviewed David Lindley, MD at SAIC's UK Technical Centre. For SAIC, the engineers at work in the UK play a key part in new product and powertrain development for the group. There's a lot more going on in UK than you might think and how it all comes together was fascinating to hear. Out of the ashes of Rover...

I also took a look back at the last 10 years of proActive and dug out some unusual anecdotes to go with a review of some highlights in the magazines. Hard to believe that ten years has passed by quite so quickly.

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