Blog: Dave Leggett'Split brain of the auto industry'

Dave Leggett | 5 December 2007

Okay, the SMMT annual dinner was over a week ago now, but I was just talking to someone on the phone about one journalist's take on it that hadme laughing. Sean O'Grady in The Independent touched on something that is often a feature of these big events graced by bigwigs.

Yep, we're all agreed that more energy efficiency, low carbon footprints and small, lightweight cars are the way to go. Biofuels are marvellous and much great work is being carried out in the industry to develop electric plug-ins. The future is so green, why it's almost The Good Life on wheels.

And when the talking is done, it's all into the luxobarges for the journey home. You can see how it might look to the outside world. Amazingly, some people out there already think the auto industry harms the environment and is dragging its feet.

Sean O'Grady: Split brain of the motor industry


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