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Dave Leggett | 12 March 2009

You maybe have to be a bit wary of spinoff claims from areas of human endeavour that involve extraordinarily high costs. We went to the moon and back and isn't that just great? Not 100% convinced that the gazillions spent could not have been put to better use elsewhere? Well, what about teflon, pens that write upside down (where would be without them?) and post-marathon run NASA space blankets?

Formula 1 also has its spinoffs and is keen to make a bit of a public splash about them in a temporary exhibition at London's Science Museum. This, remember, is a hugely expensive area of motorsport that is coming under immense pressure as its car company benefactors question the big budgets in these hard times.

And some of the F1 spinoffs are indeed impressive and its hats-off to the brainy people who make it happen. I particularly like the idea of the carbon-fibre composite table that is super-strong, 4 metres in length and just 2mm thick. Can someone hefty please jump up and down on it?

Nice bit of PR with the exhibition though and I must admit to glancing at my diary to see if I can manage a short diversion to the Science Museum anytime soon.

Might have to make a special  trip on a weekend though, as it's a place I am happy to get lost in for hours.

20 ways F1 is changing our world

And I must admit to going off on a slight tangent and searching t'internet for NASA spinoffs. When it comes to this stuff, NASA is the daddy. There's a dedicated 'Spinoff' publication and an online database packed with spinoffs.

NASA Spinoff   

At the science museum a few weeks ago at an event with Rob Golding (left). Nan bread and curry was good


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