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Dave Leggett | 26 June 2008

People and businesses are having to adjust in all sorts of ways to higher gasoline prices and they impact some sectors of the economy more than others. And it's interesting to see how these adjustments take place. Below is a link to an unusual example.

To be more serious for a moment and still on the subject of the impact of higher oil prices...

Their impact on shipping costs will obviously be felt acutely in the auto industry. Will that make outsourcing production to far flung places (or places a long way from final markets) less attractive? It might do if the overseas base is a global sourcing base and transporation/logistics costs in the operation are relatively high. Maybe some global sourcing decisions that previously would have gone down the 'let's do in China' route will now be tipped into 'better to do locally'.

Could higher energy prices put the brakes on rampant globalisation in the auto industry?

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