Blog: Dave LeggettSpeaking invitations

Dave Leggett | 11 August 2003

I've had a couple of speaking invitations in my e-mail - both to events that I've done before. One is an invitation to be a guest speaker to young engineers on the University of Hertfordshire's IGDS Msc Automotive Engineering Design, Manufacture and Management's International Motor Industry module. It was a pleasure to do last year. The engineers on study release were from acoss Europe and I seem to remember Ford and Jaguar being especially well represented on the course. I was in pretty good company - another guest speaker was Martin Leach, although I missed his presentation. My job was to give a broad perspective on the auto industry from a media perspective. But in return I got some very interesting observations and feedback out of it from guys at the sharp end. Looking forward to it.

Anyone out there who is interested in the course - click on the below link.


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