Blog: Simon WarburtonSparky performance from Muller in front of microphones

Simon Warburton | 7 September 2011

A lot of detail came out of today's press conference by Victor Muller at Saab's Trollhättan factory of which more tomorrow.

A patchy, crackly link from Sweden showed Muller in characteristically bullish mode - a bravura performance given the circumstances - especially when he made wistful reference to the apparent cooperation with Swedish unions as opposed to those in his native Holland.

In fact his only momentary lapse came when he inadvertently knocked over a newspaper's microphone on the table in front of him, but he did offer a wry analysis of his stewardship and why he seemed to be steering the ship alone.

"It is very hard to really [attract] people on board when your house is on fire," he said.

"Quitting for me is not an option. I will never give up and they [staff] know it. For the lack of a better leader, they are stuck with me."



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