Blog: Dave LeggettSpam

Dave Leggett | 11 December 2003

Spam. It was a word going out of fashion until the Internet came along. It's a form of reconstituted processed meat that I believe has its origins in the post-war austerity of 1950s Britain. I've fond memories of spam fritters for school dinners, but spam sandwiches weren't the best. And then there's the Python sketch. 'We've got spam, spam, spam..'. But when you hear the word now, it is mainly associated with the junk mail you have in your e-mail inbox. A bain of modern living to be sure. The authorities are trying to do something about it in Britain, but the international nature of spam makes it difficult of course. Also, some of it is virus related and involuntary. And then there's the difficult question of where legitimate marketing ends and spam begins. Like the poor, spam will always be with us. But I heard on the radio this morning that some 50% of all e-mail traffic is estimated to be spam. That's quite a lot isn't it?


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