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Dave Leggett | 19 November 2003

We've had a spam filter on our e-mail for a while. You know the sort of thing it stops (or perhaps you don't if you work for a big company). There are the invitations to buy free lobster, get a revolutionary new design barbecue grill, send money to some African politician who will repay a hundred times over, win timeshare, take out an unbeatably cheap loan etc and then there are the, er, utterly revolting and completely disgusting invitations to dip one's toe into the Internet's depraved pool of sexual gratification. Morally bankrupt. Horrible and shocking. Appalling. Well, maybe I should come clean. I clicked on some things sometimes and some of it was actually worth a five second diversion. Hey, I'm only human. And some of it can be just plain funny. But the spam filter can only be as good as the keywords and terms that it operates on. Fortunately we have back-up. Someone in our office is employed to go through all that is blocked and forward on the stuff that has been erroneously filtered out. But some stuff still gets through the spam filter and the marketeers are quite ingenious in devising e-mail subject titles that seem harmless enough. Some though are simply baffling. I'm sitting here wondering what business 'China Inflatable Inc.' would like to conduct with me. They keep on coming but there's nothing in the subject title or e-mail body text to give me a clue. Better get my mind back on to more important things I suppose. Suffice to say, the first thing in the morning e-mail inbox run-through can still be a strange experience for me.


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