Blog: Dave LeggettSouth America back in the game

Dave Leggett | 6 March 2006

I have read a few articles lately about Brazil and how things are, economically, better down there than they were a few years ago. The worse fears of some industrialists when the populist 'Lula' became president haven't been realised and things have looked up also in the auto industry under conditions of relative economic stability. Not only is Brazil emerging as a low-cost base for global sourcing, but the market is starting to come back and plant capacity utilisation rates have recovered somewhat. There is also a prescient focus on small cars and alternative fuels down there which is rekindling wider interest in the region's automotive industry right now.

We have just published a timely report (written by Mark Bursa) looking at the auto industry in South America which includes an assessment of vehicle maker strategies for the region, company-by-company. It's available to just-auto members as a downloadable management briefing. Follow the below link for more details.

just-auto management briefings


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