Blog: Dave LeggettSouth Africa Automotive Conference

Dave Leggett | 2 May 2004

I've finally finished the presentation slides for my slot at the South Africa Automotive Conference and it's time to get ready for a marathon to journey to Port Elizabeth. I depart London Heathrow tonight at nine and get to Johannesburg just before 9:00am local time tomorrow. Then I have to transfer to another flight the leaving Jo'burg at 11:00 am and I land in PE just before 1:00pm. Hotel where I'm staying (The Courtyard) sounds pretty good for recharging the batteries though. And I've already noted that there's a casino next door, so I'll have to exercise a little restraint. Last time I went to Las Vegas - SEMA Show a few years ago - I came out around $50 up (it should have been $200 but I had a near disastrous final visit to a roulette table at a small out of town casino and was lucky to come out with any profit at all).


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