Blog: Dave LeggettSourcing questions for Asia to the fore

Dave Leggett | 20 September 2012

When automakers and suppliers look at a global map and consider their investment strategies, Asia presents some interesting issues. Japanese OEMs may be viewing China a little differently now after the events of recent days. Things appear to have quietened down for now, but there are bound to be concerns over any lasting effects or a recurrence. It might give added momentum to investing in other parts of Asia. Thailand has been something of a growth pole over the last ten years, but there was a shock to the system last year with the floods and the serious disruption that caused to supply chains. There is also a labour shortage in Thailand that could have significant implications for costs over the next few years.

Our colleagues at Interchange have been over to Thailand and interviewed the OEMs to find out more about the impact of the floods and the response, what it means for supply chains and sourcing strategies. Well worth a read.

Thailand: a year after the floods


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