Blog: Dave LeggettSomething to look out for at the Olympics: the really mini MINI

Dave Leggett | 3 August 2012


Mini's latest variant is certainly very niche

Something to look out for now track and field events are getting started at the London Olympics.

Three 'Mini MINIs', at 1/4 scale, will be deployed in the London Olympics to help with the moving of sporting equipment.

The specially developed radio controlled electric cars will be used on the field of play in the Olympic Stadium to ferry javelins, discuses, hammers and shots back from the field to the throwing area, saving time during competition.

The release says they carry the athletic equipment situated inside, accessible through the adapted sunroof. The Mini MINIs are all blue and feature the same Games livery as the full-size official fleet vehicles.

The cars were designed and built to a specification agreed with LOCOG to ensure their role on the field of play is successful in saving time during competition. Each of the three Mini MINIs will cover around 6,000 metres per day in four-hour shifts across nine days of Olympic and nine days of Paralympic competition. The Mini MINIs will carry a load of up to 8kg; a single hammer, discus or shot or two javelins.

They will be powered by batteries that can sustain 35 minutes of continuous usage with a radio control range of approximately 100 metres and be fully re-charged in 80
minutes. I'd guess a few people will be having a bit of fun with those...



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