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Dave Leggett | 26 September 2005

A couple of things published on just-auto today were a real delight to read, well and truly lifing my spirits and banishing my slightly flat Monday morning mood. One was Karl Ludvigsen’s regular column for us. Karl, as you know, has been around the block a few times and is not short on apposite observations concerning this industry. But his thoughts on ‘technology tyranny’ are beautifully crafted (believe me, I wouldn’t use such a phrase lightly).

It’s quite a tour: from the scientists working on the atom bomb, to the ‘upgrading’ of Rome’s pavements, to telematics for telematics sake, GPS tracking and thoughts on the corporate conscience and a new generation of web-based whistleblowers – taking in the ‘masturbatory’ Bugatti Veyron and what it and cars like it represent, along the way. To engineers out there: useful reading for a bit of reflection on what you are being asked to work on.

Technological Tyranny

And Rob Golding, another of our contributors who has been around the block a little bit, has clearly been tickled by the latest developments in the all-too-close VW-Porsche relationship. It’s a treatment that made me smile. I could almost imagine Ferdinand Piech physically alternating his two hats, comedy style, as he earnestly talks to himself…

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