Blog: Dave LeggettSomething for Ford, GM execs to read

Dave Leggett | 25 January 2006

I have had several long conversations about the plight of Ford and GM in the US in recent days and I expect many people reading this have too. How did they get into the mess they are in, at home? Can they be turned around? The conversations focus on various elements – products, incentives, costs, company history, corporate cultures and so on. There are plenty of different angles to consider.

One way to fire up the discussion is to pose the question: why is Toyota so successful? And if Toyota is so clearly an industrial success story, why can’t other companies learn from Toyota? Hell they do, don’t they? Lean production and all that? Below link is to an interesting article that makes some good points on how companies are valued and how they are run.

Continuous Improvement -- Auto Companies Must Change From Within


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