Blog: Dave LeggettSofter steel prices...

Dave Leggett | 20 July 2012

I have come across an interesting online resource that tracks steel prices. They even cover by sector, so you can see how things are moving in 'automotive body parts'.

There is also an interesting article on how the big steel producers in Europe are trying to hike prices and having trouble making price rises stick as demand from industry falters.

Good to see that the consulting firm that produces this steel data, MEPS, is based in the south Yorkshire city of Sheffield - which has a rich history in steel production, especially for implements used for cutting. There was a time when almost all the stainless steel cutlery in Britain bared the engraved legend 'Made in Sheffield'. Lord knows where it all comes from now. The 'Made in Sheffield' brand lives on though: 'Robert the Cutler'?


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