Blog: Dave LeggettSobering

Dave Leggett | 28 October 2010

Visiting a major supplier today I got a very personal account of what it has been like here over the past couple of years - the enforced 'restructuring' that is. We all know how many tens of thousands of jobs have gone in many of the big companies, but hearing what it has been like to actually live through those times is pretty sobering.

Another history lesson is in prospect this evening - but I'm not sure sobering is quite the word for this one. I'm meeting some industry people at a downtown Detroit bar with a bit of history. Actually, the taxi ride into town (leaving the car here at the hotel in Troy) will be sobering if we pass through the worst of the run-down areas not far from the CBD. I have seen it before and it always makes an impact. No easy answers to that one, but at least the local economy still has a sizeable automotive business, the major OEMs and many suppliers doing well to still be standing.


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