Blog: Dave LeggettSo, just who is the global number two?

Dave Leggett | 18 February 2004

GM is the undisputed global vehicle sales unit volume number one. But number two is less clear now that Toyota has or has almost caught Ford. "I'm totally confused by the numbers that are floating around," George Pipas, Ford's top sales analyst has said concerning the Ford and Toyota vehicle sales numbers for 2003. Apparently, the confusion stems from different counting conventions employed by the two companies. But some people out there are paid to sort these things out and offer an independent view. They have global vehicle sales and production databases that are described as consistent. And the data isn't cheap, so the invisible data crunchers must know their onions, right?

Would anyone from Global Insight, JATO, LMC/JD Power, PwC Autofacts, CSM Worldwide or Polk/Marketing Systems (or anyone else who makes it their business to sell this sort of data) like to supply me with their data and thoughts on the matter? I'll publish what I receive. Just send me your top three global vehicle sales figures for 2003 by group - Toyota, Ford, GM - together with any supporting information.

Please send your data by e-mail to me at

Only one entry per company please...


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