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Dave Leggett | 22 July 2005

I heard a lively discussion on my car radio the other day. Two Brit comics, Frank Skinner and David Badiel, were musing on the contention that something, anything, in the world of the arts can be 'so bad it's good'.

You know the kind of thing: the awful movie (say, anything with Vin Diesel in it), the trashy soap with wooden acting and ludicrous plotlines, terrible food (pot noodle anyone?), what qualifies as 'performance art' these days (like that joker with a running tap), Dave Leggett's dress sense and so on.

And the trashy, critically ravaged things are liked in a kind of ironic bad they are kind of 'good'. People are attracted to them and maybe they develop a weird cult status over time.

What about car designs? The bad ones we like....

Personally, the AMC Pacer gets a thumbs-up in my book after the opening scene in Wayne's World - the outrageous lines of the 'mirthmobile' just worked for me. The Austin Allegro is a winner because it is just so bad and because of its contemporary industrial context. Some bad designs you just can't help liking.

But the Suzuki X90? No, that's just bad in an unfunny way, for me anyway. It's a subjective thing, of course.

Over today's superhealthy lunch of large latte accompanied by a giant blueberry and apple muffin (yielding some serious instant gratification), I noticed that Car magazine is running a survey on ugly/worst ever cars - prompted I think by the Ssangyong Rodius. Some of the nominations look a bit harsh, but going through the list put a smile on my face as I chomped my way through that rather splendid muffin (I'll eat healthy tomorrow).

You can see the nominations for worst car ever - and you can vote - via the below link.

Car magazine survey of ugly cars


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