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Dave Leggett | 25 February 2005

I spoke to BMW's Angela Stangroom (UK corporate office) yesterday. She's invited me over to Munich for BMW's annual results conference in the middle of March. There's an extended programme that means getting to do some other stuff too, so it sounds like something well worth attending. You never know who you may get to speak to on such occasions and what you might pick up. Angela was in Munich  and she mentioned that there's been quite a bit of snow in Bavaria lately. I pointed out that we are having a little bit too - much less than in Munich, but Angela was well aware that just a few centimetres can lead to serious travel disruption here in Britain.

I know that people overseas who live in America, many parts of Europe, the Nordic countries and so on, will be well used to snow in large quantitites and find the British fascination with snow hard to understand, but please, give us a break.

Our winters are pretty grey affairs, dominated by low pressure weather systems from the Atlantic that generally bring mild winds and rain. And occasional cold spells are normally accompanied by dry conditions. On the very rare occasions that we get snow we get a little bit excited. The little snow we are currently getting in southern Britain is all we have had all winter. Paltry amounts by some standards perhaps, but we will be out throwing snowballs and sledging on breakfast trays anyway. And the consequential travel disruption after just a few flakes is all part of the British experience (to be fair, things like snow ploughs cost money and the investment probably isn't worthwhile given the rarity of snowfall here).

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