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Dave Leggett | 20 January 2010

If you are interested in prospects for the UK vehicle market and production, the SMMT is hosting a free webinar this Friday at 10:30am GMT – it lasts around an hour. I dialled into one of their webinars last year and I thought it worked really well, in terms of the content, format and the webinar technology employed.

You simply dial in, follow links, then look at your PC screen as a slide presentation proceeds in sync with the audio from the presenters which you receive via your telephone – which enables you to easily ask a question if you want to.  

SMMT chief executive Paul Everitt will share his thoughts on key challenges and opportunities for 2010.  Robert Baker, SMMT's chief economist, will present the latest economic forecast for the year followed by Ian Henry, director, AutoAnalysis, who will offer his insight into production volumes of the major OEM's and the potential impact this could have on suppliers.

If you are interested, follow the below link.

SMMT webinar registration page


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