Blog: Dave LeggettSMMT Test Day

Dave Leggett | 22 May 2006

Can it really be a year since I was last at a windswept Millbrook Proving Ground driving cars as part of the SMMT Test Day? Yep, the diary doesn't lie even if it does seem that someone has hit the 'fast forward' button. Anyway, the test day has come around again and - true to form for this annual event - tomorrow is looking like it will be another unseasonably chilly and windy one, with a few rain showers thrown in (drought, what drought?). But it should be a great deal of fun and there will be plenty of people to catch up with, cars to drive. I really ain't complaining. Even if it rains all day long it's still good to get out and get 'wheel time'. 


Last year's cars


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