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Dave Leggett | 27 June 2011

If you can't actually make the SMMT's 'International Automotive Summit' in London, which takes place tomorrow, there is another option.

The organisers will be streaming a live and interactive WebTV show/debate. There will be a number of key speakers from the UK auto industry and the live WebTV debate will be presented by ex-Sky News Business Editor, now GMTV presenter Michael Wilson, with panellists Paul Everitt, SMMT, and Automotive Council chair Richard Parry Jones. What Car? editor-in-chief Chas Hallett will also be there and they will field questions between 13:45 and 14:15.
People can send in their questions ahead of the live show, via this question box and also watch it live from 13:45 on Tuesday. It will  also be available to view on demand on the same link by about 9pm indefinitely for those who are unable to watch the live show.

Interesting intitiative by SMMT.

I'm also up to London this evening for a 'Ford of Britain Centenary Westminster Reception'. Stephen Odell will be making a short presentation to the assembled MPs and officials (plus some media), with the Secretary of State for Transport Philip Hammond making a response. You never know with events like that if they will be useful, but you have to get out sometimes and go with the flow, hope that you get in front of someone who says something interesting. I just hope they have some chilled drinks there - it's an unusually hot day in London.

So, that's Ford one hundred years in Britain. Great milestone and well worth marking. One hundred years on and the Internal Combustion Engine still rules the roost in the auto industry. That's a pretty amazing statement of, er, technology/production mode paradigm inertia? Or put another way, nothing better or more convenient has come along when you look at energy density, marginal cost (once the huge infrastructure for oil extraction, refining and distribution is set up) and the benefits that burning fossil-fuels can still deliver to the consumer via continuously improving automotive product. Alternatives have their work cut out.

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