Blog: Dave LeggettSMMT dinner

Dave Leggett | 25 November 2004

Unfortunately I couldn't make the annual black-tie SMMT dinner earlier this week, but it seems to have gone pretty much according to form. Volkswagen's Burnt Fishtrouser got up and moaned about the evils of Brussels and the unmitigated harm it is doing to the hardworking and altruistic folks of the European automotive industry (cue thunderous applause). At least he'd got the measure of his audience.

But the SMMT also had Alistair Campbell along to speak. He was Tony Blair's spin doctor who left his job after controversy over media manipulation connected with WMD and Iraq. What did he have to say I wonder? Sounds like he made his usual venemous remarks about the media, but that doesn't really apply to the auto industry does it? It tends to get a pretty good ride, in national, consumer and trade press. Know your audience mate. I wonder how much he charges? This was in today's Daily Telegraph:

Campbell on autopilot

Alistair Campbell offered a few vignettes on life with the PM at the British motor industry annual dinner on Tuesday night but after just 10 minutes, he was back in the old routine, ranting about negativity in the media. From the motoring press?


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