Blog: Dave LeggettSMMT Dinner

Dave Leggett | 27 November 2007

I'm heading up to the Hilton Hotel on Park Lane in central London later today for the SMMT's annual dinner. It's usually quite a fun event - a true 'penguin fest' (must be at least 1,000 people there). This year's guest speaker is ex-CIA director R James Woolsey. His wiki entry certainly makes for interesting reading. What will he have to say? Will he say anything about Iraq? International security concerns? Will he make cracks about Bill Clinton? Observations on the auto industry? The energy/climate debate (he's chair of the advisory board of the Clean Fuels Foundation)? 'Energy security'?

It's also the occasion of SMMT chief executive Christopher Macgowan's valedictory speech, so it will be interesting to hear what words he has as he bows out. He's been a good guy at the top I think; forward thinking and came across well in the media. Tough act to follow.

Read an interview with Chris Macgowan

I'm on PSA Peugeot Citroen's table again, so I say thanks to PSA's corporate people in London - Nicholas Lee and Dominique Morgan - for inviting me along. In fact there are quite a few other just-auto people on PSA's table including contributors Sue Brown, Mark Bursa, Rob Golding and Rebecca Wright. Quite a crew. Should be fun and fingers crossed that the meat distributor in the news today for delivering rancid meat to top London hotels didn't get as far as the Park Lane Hilton.

Big question for me at this point is simply this: will I fit into my trusty dinner jacket and trousers combo? Pulling the old daks up will be quite a 'moment of truth'. Might well be a snug fit... 


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