Blog: Dave LeggettSMMT April fool?

Dave Leggett | 1 April 2003

Myself and Graeme are wondering whether the SMMT has issued an 'April fool' story today. They say they are setting up a study looking at differential lane charging. 'The SMMT study will look at the potential benefits from applying different costs for each of the three lanes on a motorway.

“Typically, we might see a charge of five pence a kilometre for the inside lane, 10 pence for the middle lane and 15 pence for the outside lane,” a spokesman said.

“We believe the effect would be to deter people from cruising in the second or third lane whilst the inner lanes are empty. This type of behaviour prevents other road users from overtaking and wastes motorway capacity.”

As Graeme points out - do you get charged extra for overtaking? And let's face it, when a motorway is busy, all three lanes tend to be clogged, casting doubt on the 20% capacity addition claim.

Yep - we think it's a wind-up.


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