Blog: Dave LeggettSmart roadster/coupe to live on

Dave Leggett | 20 February 2006

Interesting to note today that the ‘Project Kimber’ consortium planning to buy the tooling for the discontinued Smart roadster and roadster-coupe is making good progress. How does a small independent succeed where the mighty DaimlerChrysler failed? I’m looking forward to hearing more about the business model, but stick an old Brit sports brand badge on it, give the handling and drivetrain some attention and you're potentially looking at a cut-price Lotus. And the major product development costs were taken care of by DaimlerChrysler; platform is off the shelf. There's a ready-made supplier base too. As Arthur Daley would have put it, 'Nice bit of business, Terrence." I wonder how much DaimlerChrysler is selling the roadster for though?

GERMANY: UK consortium wins right to sporty Smarts


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