Blog: Dave LeggettSmart roadster reprise

Dave Leggett | 22 November 2005

Interesting to hear about some of the plans around to buy the rights to the smart roadster and coupe off DaimlerChrysler and give the cars a new lease of life with a whole new business model, some altered bodywork and a new badge. The ‘Project Kimber’ crew who were in for MG Rover are reported to be one of the interested parties.

I have seen Barrie Wills described as one of Project Kimber’s leading lights and the plans to establish a ‘virtual’ car company that outsources almost everything certainly sound intriguing. If I was a banker providing funding though, I’d really want to put the Project Kimber people through the ringer before committing any dosh. I have also seen Barrie Wills described as a ‘start-up specialist’ who was formerly at Jaguar, Reliant and DeLorean. Maybe he has a good grounding in how not to do things?

GERMANY: Six European companies want to build Smart roadster


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