Blog: Dave LeggettSmart gets sensible

Dave Leggett | 30 April 2003

Must say I like the look of the new 'smart' 4-seater, the 'forfour'. The first official pics show a familial relationship to the other models, but with more sensible proportions than the smart City Coupe. And making the vehicle with Mitsubishi at Nedcar also makes a lot of sense from a manufacturing cost perspective. And then there's the appealing little smart roadster, even if it has turned out to be a little more expensive than promised. The 'first look' impression can be misleading, but it has some value in that you are just hit with a visual impression in an uncontaminated way. When I first saw the City Coupe I thought it was radical but not quite right and a bit silly looking. These pics augur well I think. But that's just my opinion and I would not set myself up as any kind of authority on design or, come to think of it, aesthetic issues generally.


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