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Dave Leggett | 12 February 2004

Deputy editor Graeme Roberts is back from a couple of days in Rome on a press drive launch for the new Smart forfour. He's on good form. Sounds as if Smart's PR people looked after everyone well and Graeme didn't exactly go hungry. What about the forfour? Initial impressions? Hit or miss? GR reckons a hit. Decent product, drives well and it's stylish. Crucially of course, it's a four-seater, so Smart should be able to tap into a bigger market of youngish urbanites who want to be funky but also need a bit more space than the City Coupe offers. GR also said that the interior is stylish but a little toned down on the City Coupe. Probably no bad thing. More information to follow in our news area later today.   

Forfour static launch last year - includes pic


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