Blog: Dave LeggettSmall VW

Dave Leggett | 11 September 2007

The new small Volkswagen concept called 'up!' looks pretty good. And I think Winterkorn is on the right lines in seeking to prioritise a small car which can embody key VW values. I like the way the four wheels are pushed out as far as possible to maximise interior space - that looks okay on a small car and should make it handle better. Where is the production version of this car headed? It could well be that there will be versions for all markets - including emerging markets as well as mature ones (the US is a possibility, but making money on it might be a challenge). If it has pulled off the tardis trick to yield sufficient interior space despite small dimensions (VW says there is room for four adults) then there are possibilities. If it's simple to construct, eventually available in multiple variants and body styles, even better. 

FRANKFURT SHOW: New VW baby concept is up!


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