Blog: Dave LeggettSmall VW crossover

Dave Leggett | 30 November 2006

I must admit to liking the looks of the new Golf-based small SUV/Crossover that has debuted in LA. Wouldn't it be great if the orange coloured tyre tread could be kept? And I like the way Volkswgane arrived at the Tiguan name - it was picked from a shortlist via a poll of readers of Auto Bild. Tiguan is apparently a combination of the words 'tiger' and 'leguan' (German for iguana). I like the name - it's a bit different, exotic-sounding, like Touareg was (and that, after initial concerns, has worked out fine). Thank goodness the bland 'Rockton' didn't win (that surely would fit a Korean SUV).  

I expect VW execs would love to make it in Mexico for the US market, if they possibly could and given the ongoing difficulties VW is having in making profits in the US.

US: Volkswagen shows 'baby Touareg' Tiguan


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