Blog: Dave LeggettSmall SUVs and 'Crossovers'

Dave Leggett | 23 February 2007

I see Nissan is preferring to play down the UK-built Qashqai’s SUV credentials because SUV status is a handicap in the fleet market where many companies don’t allow employees to drive SUVs as company cars. SUV may also be a more generally dirty term these days.

Qashqai is a lower medium car, Nissan maintains. Reinforcing the point, Nissan expects some 75% of Qashqai’s sales to be two-wheel drive rather than four.

Interesting to note though that a raft of small SUVs from other makers are on the way, such as Volkswagen’s Tiguan. Will they be pitched as go-anywhere small 4x4s, or will the emphasis be on MPV-like versatility? Are we taking SUVs or passenger cars with SUV attributes? Where does SUV end and Crossover start?

UK: Nissan starts Qashqai production


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