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Simon Warburton | 15 November 2010

Portuguese Mobi-E slow chargers

Portuguese Mobi-E slow chargers

Here's a picture from Portugal's electric mobility initiative - Mobi-E - of one of its slow charging points in the country.

More than 50 are already installed in Portugal but talking to just-auto from Lisbon today (15 November), a Mobi-E spokeswoman said the machines would take up to eight hours to recharge an electric vehicle.

Well, as it says on the tin, it's a slow charger. Quick chargers - which are in the process of being installed in Portugal will take around 30min - while all new homes in the country will apparently also come equipped with charging points.

Eight hours seems a long time to leave your car in a public place being charged up - will EV owners feel comfortable with that?

And will all charging points come equipped with festive balloons too?


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