Blog: Chris WrightSleeping through the turbulence

Chris Wright | 4 January 2012

Whew! That’s the first leg of travel done, actually had a pretty good sleep – apparently the plane hit some big turbulence for 20 minutes which I missed completely.

I’d forgotten how chaotic the traffic is in Delhi and how they use their horns constantly and the air quality!! It’s just a constant fug really.

Nice hotel, the Taj Mahal – not THE Taj Mahal, that would be a bit extravagant. First people I see in the lobby? [Autocar magazine supremo] Steve Cropley talking to Ian Callum and Fiona Pargeter. It’ just like being back home really.

Plan is to meet up with JLR shortly for a press conference and dinner. Breakfast with Mr Tata in the morning.


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