Blog: Dave LeggettSkoda's 'saloon-hatch hybrid'

Dave Leggett | 11 March 2008

Something relatively ‘minor’ caught my eye at Geneva last week and it comes from Skoda. The redesigned Superb incorporates a ‘twindoor’ rear hatch which apparently means you can choose your body style – saloon (with a boot/trunk) or hatchback. I can’t think of anything quite like it appearing before.

I guess that ‘rear aperture solution’ may not exactly be cheap, but there again it may work out much cheaper than having two separate body styles running alongside each other.

It’s certainly an intriguing design innovation: a boot that transforms into a hatch if needed. I can almost hear the oohs and aahs already in Skoda showrooms all over the land. Is this having your cake and eating it?

Like all the best new ideas, it prompts the simple thought: why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? I fully expect someone out there to give me chapter and verse on that.

CZECH REPUBLIC: Clever Skoda Twindoor provides boot or hatch options


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