Blog: Dave LeggettSkoda shoots for growth

Dave Leggett | 25 June 2007

We had a look around Skoda’s Mlada Boleslav facility earlier and also got to hear CEO Detlef Wittig’s upbeat take on things. In terms of the company’s recent history, he described the period from 1994-2000 as ‘transformation’ (Volkswagen first took a stake in Skoda in 1991), 2000 to 2006 as ‘consolidation’ and the period from now onwards as ‘growth’. It sounds pretty ambitious, with Skoda developing assembly facilities in India and China and planning to enter many markets where it is not yet present. And there’s a whole lot of new product – niche stuff like the Yeti small SUV – coming too.

The coach got back to the Hilton mid-afternoon and I went for a stroll (sunny and hot here). While there are plenty of new Skodas on the road, there are also a few old diehards to be seen. And I bumped into a Chevrolet SSR, which was something of a surprise. There’s a cocktail party tonight and then the Automotive News Europe Congress gets going properly tomorrow.


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