Blog: Dave LeggettSkoda Fabia: it's a piece of cake

Dave Leggett | 25 May 2007

The best TV ads are the ones that do something you haven't seen before and do it in a way that sticks in your head. Skoda has turned out an ad in Britain for the new Fabia which has made quite an impact. They've made a full-size model out of cake. Simple idea perhaps, but it's very well executed. There's a website (below link) where you can see the TV ad and a short 'baking of' documentary (click the 'baking of' tab and an option to see the TV ad also appears). The ad itself tells you nothing about the car, but it's a jolly little affair and I expect kids up and down the land are becoming aware of the Skoda brand and the 'cake car'. Clever stuff.

One question remains: what happened to the cake?

Found the answer, from a Skoda press release:

"Once filming was finished we had planned to cut the cake car up and distribute it to local charities, schools and hospitals. Unfortunately, however, as the car had been under hot studio lights for several days, it would have posed a health and safety risk if eaten. We did preserve some parts though, such as the marzipan wing-mirrors and chocolate speedometer. The rest of the car was composted and will be used by residents of Clapton, East London, to fertilise their gardens and allotments."

If only real cars could be recycled like that... 

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